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In Mexico, and especially in Oaxaca, the art of making nieve (Spanish for ‘snow’) is a tradition passed on from generation to generation. For centuries, nieve artisans or neveros have crafted this dessert by hand, using only fruit and no artificial coloring or flavoring. If you are in Oaxaca, you will easily be able to indulge in this festive edible art, which will lure you from wooden containers on streets and markets. A wide array of both usual and unexpected  flavors is typically available wherever nieve is sold- chocolate, strawberry, corn, cheese, mezcal, rose, avocado and soursop, to name a few. There are also deliciously surprising combinations such as the popular beso de ángel, or  ¨angel´s kiss¨, which typically combines cherries with almonds and other fruits, delivering a complex yet delicate texture and flavor.  Although still widely available, today, artisan nieves face the overwhelming competiton of mass-produced ice cream.

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This looks amazing!

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Para este calor, y con el pretexto de las vacaciones, el Chef Aldo Saavedra nos trae la receta de un delicioso helado de ajonjolí. Este rico y divertido proyecto, promete entretener y agasajar a niños de todas las edades.


Base de Helado

El chef Saavedra nos dice que esta base puede utilizarse para cualquier helado, así que nada más es cuestión de usar tu imaginación para hacer helado de cualquier sabor.

150 gr de azúcar refinada

10 yemas de huevo

1 1/2 taza de crema para batir

1 1/2 taza de leche


Helado de Ajonjolí

100 ml. de mezcal

200 gr. de ajonjolí tostado

200 gr. de chocolate amargo en trozos



  1. Pon a hervir la leche junto con la crema y el mezcal.
  2. Bate las yemas de huevo…

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Julio Cortázar is one of my favorite writers. I particularly enjoy the way in which he is able to unravel the story he made you believe he had woven, and then, in one or two sentences, he turns it around to put an entirely new book in your hands.

This came to mind when I visited Moto this weekend. If you have never experienced molecular gastronomy, a style that got notoriety in the land of Dalí, no less, I highly recommend it.

In the heart of Chicago’s meat-packing district, Moto Restaurant, seems understated. It should, as the food at this cozy, chic-yet-unpretentious establishment, is an incredibly stimulating multisensory event for both mind and palate.

From  an edible zen garden, to a dessert that looks like egg drop soup complete with an egg yolk that is actually mango, the 15-course meal is an adventure that comes with specially-designed utensils that…

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